Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Redbox Deal and This Is 40

Friday night was a redbox and dinner at home kind of night. Redbox by design is a great source of super low cost entertainment.  $1.20 for a movie instead of spending $12 per person for tickets speaks for itself.  However, the deal gets even better when it's free.

There are a number of promo codes floating around out there.  DVDONME has worked for me in the past for a free rental.  You can use it once per credit/debit card.  Since I've already used it for all of my cards and my boyfriend's cards as well, I did a little hunting for new codes.  I found a large list and tried a few of them with no avail, but then entered the next one DVDNIGHT and it worked like a charm - free movie!

My chosen selection was This Is 40.  I went with my boyfriend's pick for last time, and thought this movie looked hilarious.  He was hesitant because the Rotten Tomatoes rating was so bad, but we figured for free we had nothing to lose.

Overall?  Mixed opinions.  Pros: Great cast, some hilarious one liners, and awesome cameo by the Philadelphia Flyers.  Cons: An uncomfortable amount of tension in the majority of scenes and too many subplots that weren't completely developed.

It was entertaining, and a good movie to just rent (especially for free) instead of seeing in the theatres.

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