Friday, November 15, 2013

Free Thing Friday - CVS

Happy Friday, everyone! This morning I stopped by CVS and I was enticed by the big display near the Coupon Center.  

Every good saver who lives near a CVS (or approximately 25 of them, in my case) knows about the merits of CVS Extra Care Rewards.  It's a standard rewards program where you swipe your card at every purchase, and then quarterly you get a coupon on your receipt for money to spend at CVS based on how much you spent that quarter.

However, not everyone takes advantage of the new(ish) coupon centers.  You scan your rewards card and it prints out customized (or sometimes not customized...) coupons for you to use that day.  To me that's worth 60 seconds to see if it's something valuable.  Even better, lately they've been enticing people to use the coupon center with an awesome coupon that everyone gets for a product for free or close to free.  I've gotten a brand name 2-liter of soda for less than 50 cents, and today, the deal at this location was for Extra Strength Pain Relief Capsules (ie generic Tylenol) for free ($4.99 off the item which is $4.99).  Totally worth a minute of my time.

Check out the coupon center on your next trip, or stop by a CVS when you're nearby.  It's worth popping in to see if they have this (or another) free offer.

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