Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tax Day Deals

Happy Tax Day!  Whether you filed months ago or are completing your forms last minute today, everyone can benefit from some tax day deals.  For years all types of businesses have used April 15th as an excuse for a marketing promotion, and I say why not?  The more deals the merrier!

Here are a few links to lists of deals from the following sources:

ABC News

Some promotions are creative, like Hard Rock Cafe's Sing for Your Supper, where anyone who is willing to publicly sing one of ten songs gets a free entree tonight.

Others require you to download/print a coupon in advance, like Arby's free curly fries - coupon linked here.

High rollers can take advantage of the one day sale on Google Glass for $1500, which still creeps me out no matter how much it costs :)

What deals and promotions did you find today?

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