Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Reading without Summer Spending

I don't know about you, but I always find myself reading more in the summer.  It's not even that I necessarily have any more free time, but that I always have a number of weekends with days spent lounging at the pool with a good book.  I love reading, but I do not love paying full price for books when there are so many other ways to get them for free or at a deep discount.

  1. FREE - the library!  I love the library.  I volunteered for two years at my local library for two hours each Sunday just because I am such a supporter of what libraries do and are.  Friends and I joke that for part of a friend's upcoming wedding, I need to pay her library fines (approximately $8, I believe, less than even the cost of one book!)  so she can get her card back.  My local library is amazing.  When I hear of a book I want to read, I simply go online and put the book on hold.  If it's available, I can pick it up right away.  If all copies are checked out or if it's so new that it's still on order, they will put me in the waiting list and email me when my hold is available.  Check to see if your local library offers these services.  Many libraries (including mine) also offer ebooks as well as DVD rentals and CDs (ie how I got my entire playlist for my half marathon for free).
  2. FREE - book swap with friends! This can be a formal event or an informal "hey, can I browse your bookshelf for something I can borrow?"  Most readers love to share books. Just be a good borrower and return the book (in the same condition you got it) when you're done.
  3. Very cheap - Thrift stores.  Obviously, this isn't the go to for the new best seller you're eyeing, but for a few books to bring on a trip, this is the way to go.  I seriously can't remember a time in the last few years when I bought a book that wasn't a gift for someone at anywhere other than Goodwill.  The books are typically under a dollar, and the money goes to job training and helping people find employment - a win all around in my book (no pun intended.....)
  4. Cheap - This site isn't just for text books.  You can get recently released books at a discount, and slightly older books very cheap - ie The Hunger Games paperback in Very Good Condition for 75 cents or brand new for $2.66. 
  5. Discounted - If 1 -4 don't work for the book you're after, I encourage you to still not pay full price.  Amazon has discounted new and used books (not just text books!) Discount stores and warehouse stores  offer a discount off the cover price both in store and online.
Happy Summer Reading!  Where are some of your favorite places to get books?

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