Monday, December 30, 2013

Post Holiday Sales

Growing up, the day after Christmas was as a big of a shopping day as Black Friday.  Not only can you get great deals on Christmas things, but many other items lumped in with "seasonal" or "holiday" including candles, candy, and all sorts of items classified as gift items.  I've scored bath kits, grilling tools, and all sort of other goodies during after Christmas sales just because the items were included in the gift section. 

Ready to update your stockings? Do you typically give ornaments as gifts? Do you send out holiday cards every year?  Running low on gift wrap?  This is the best time to stock up and store away those items for next year.  You'll get major savings and be thrilled next year to have a few people already marked off of your shopping list.

Happy Holidays and Happy Post-Holiday Savings!

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