Saturday, December 21, 2013

Target - Savings For Now & Savings Later

I've always been a big fan of Target.  Well priced household products, cute clothes, and great gift items make it true one stop shopping.  I've also learned from an inside source that their grocery items are sold basically at cost as way of getting people in the door.  Since then, I browse that area and always pick up at least a few things (earlier this week I snagged Progresso light soups for $1.50 each there).
It was released yesterday that  after the credit card data breach, Target is offering 10% off to all customers today and tomorrow.
Great timing for last minute Christmas shopping or just stocking up on essentials.  Recently, I learned how to maximize savings at Target with their free cartwheel app.  You browse through deals and then can add a certain number of them to your virtual cart. 
After my first trip using the app, I wasn't super impressed.  My savings with it were under $1.00.  However, after using it once, you get an extra spot in your virtual cart and then deals begin to be customized to you based on what you buy. 

During my first trip with the app, I picked up a blazer for $34.99 (no app savings, just well priced item)
Merona® Women's Oxford Blazer - Assorted Colors
After that, one of my deal options was 25% off the same item.  On my next trip, I picked up the same blazer in a different color with the discount, and scored some other great deals with the app including 40% off any one menswear item, and a number of other deals resulting in over $25 of savings through the app.

To recap - go to Target this weekend for 10% off everything today and tomorrow.  Download the cartwheel app, and be patient with the deals and savings.  They get better with time.  Happy shopping and happy saving!

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