Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Olympic Games

Once every two years (it used to be once every four years until they split up summer and winter) the world has a great source of free entertainment - the Olympic games.  The summer Olympics tend to get more hype, but the winter Olympics provide enough variety that everyone can at least find a few events they enjoy.

We hosted a somewhat last minute gathering on Friday night for the Socchi Opening Ceremony, and it was a blast.  It was a great way to socialize and celebrate the Olympics.  Despite the technical glitch with the Olympic rings, I thought the ceremony was well done.  It's always fascinating just to see the parade of countries participating and how many athletes are representing each nation.

All of us figure skating fans get a bonus this year with the new team figure skating competition as well as the individual events.  The Olympics are a great opportunity to discover new sports as well.  Mogul skiing was a new one for me this weekend.  It just looks so incredibly challenging that you immediately have an incredible respect for the athletes.

Whether it's having a small party, making a special night for your family, or some enjoyable down time alone, I encourage you not to miss out on the enjoyment of the Olympics this year. 

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