Monday, February 17, 2014

Olive Garden - (More than) two for $25

Sunday we loaded up with groceries for the week, but we felt like something easy and different for dinner.  I suggested Olive Garden and my guy was a good sport and agreed.  I knew there was a 2 for $25 special I had heard advertised, but brought a coupon (not valid with other deals) just in case we didn't see anything we wanted on the special menu.

When we walked in the doors, it was a mad house.  Think crowded bar or club.  Lesson for Olive Garden -put more restaurants in the DC metro area.  The demand is there!  We considered just leaving, but I asked about the wait time just in case.  It was 45 minutes to an hour estimated wait, but we discovered the bar area and surrounding tables were first come and snagged a table there immediately.

After we looked at the menus, I asked my guy if he saw anything he liked on the 2 for $25 menu or if we should order from the regular one, and he said there was no way we could not order from the 2 for $25 based on what a good deal it was.  I'm so proud!

The 2 for $25 menu was really extensive.  Between and soup and breadsticks, we knew we wouldn't need or even want dessert or the small plates, but we opted for the small plates (easier to bring home).

We went with the Chicken Gnocchi and the Zupa Toscana respectively, which were both great.  By the time we had our soups with the breadsticks (what draws me to the Olive Garden in the first place) and a few bites of the crispy risotto balls (I was a fan) and the chicken meatballs (not so much a fan) we were stuffed by the time our entrees came.  We each had a few bites (Parmesan Crusted Chicken for me, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce for him), and then packed up the majority of our entrees as well as the majority of our appetizers.  The bonus?  From past experience, I've learned they will send you home with extra breadsticks with a bag and instructions to reheat them if you ask.  Seriously, the breadsticks are my absolute favorite part so this makes me way too excited.

Anyways, we had a relaxing, tasty, super reasonably priced dinner out (I treated as it was my random craving) AND now have more than enough food for a big dinner tonight.  Thus, 2 for $25 becomes 4 for $25:)

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