Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lancome at Macy's Gift With Purchase

This weekend I scored the Lancome gift with purchase available at Macy's. With only a $35 purchase, you get a wealth of high quality products.  I scored 2oz of Lancome body wash, 2oz of clarifying cleanser, Advanced Genifique concentrate, night lifting and firming cream, mascara, lipstick, and a cosmetic bag, all free.  For my purchase, I went with a basic high quality black eyeliner and a shimmery gold (technically burnt sand) eye shadow.  The splurge on these two products was totally worth it.  They are both staples that will last a long time and are great for every day wear, and are made that much sweeter by the high quality freebies that accompany them.

I have great memories of Lancome, dating back to a childhood trip to New York City to visit my Grandma. My grandma was getting a few products and had them do my makeup and then offered to buy everything they used for me.  Even at that age, I knew that was too generous, but we settled on the lip gloss and I was thrilled.

Visit your local Macy's soon if you're interested.  For the makeup option, they were out of both blushes and one lipstick (good thing I liked the neutral one better anyway!).  Supplies are genuinely limited.

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